Year of Supernatural Establishment

In my previous blog i spoke about how to receive a word from God before entering into a new season in your life. As we are entering into a new season, which is a brand new year, I took some time out to seek God and to receive a word for myself, my family and ministry and you too can partake of this word by faith.

This year will be a strategic year for believers all over the world. Whatever you have sown in tears, you will reap in joy. This year will not be particularly easy for everybody but for those who have positioned themselves strategically, I believe will be a year of supernatural growth and establishment. One of the principles in the realm of the spirit is sowing and reaping. You cannot reap what you have not sown. Whatever you have sown in 2017 believing God to do in 2018, God will do it double fold in Jesus name.

In Matthew 7:25 Jesus spoke of a parable where a man built his house on a rock and it did not fall even when the rains, the floods, the winds beat on the house. The secret of this man’s stability was his wisdom to build his house on the rock.

In our own lives as we build our lives, our marriage, our ministry and business on Christ the Rock, there is no way that any satanic force can take you down. The secret is to strategically position yourself. Take time to pray and position yourself this year if you already haven’t. If you have been experiencing cycles or patterns that frustrate your life not allowing you to move forward, its about time you take charge and dominion and speak into your destiny. But it is also your responsibility to re-position yourself Spiritually, mentally and physically.

Spiritually position yourself through prayer, the word and leading of the Holy Spirit. Go back to your secret place with God where strength and power comes from. Stay under the shadow of the almighty.

Mentally, renew your mind and be prepared to think beyond the realm of reason and walk by faith and not by sight

Physically stay where you’re meant to stay or move out of places you’re not supposed to be in. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as He begins to lead you this year. Don’t miss out because you overstayed when He was waiting for you to move or moved too soon when He was asking you to wait. Whatever season you are in right now, the solution to overcome that frustration of repeated cycles of mediocrity, failure and defeat is to go back to the feet of Jesus!

Matthew 10:41-42  “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things,  but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

As you receive this word by faith for your life, i stand in agreement with you and declare that 2018 will be a Year of supernatural growth and establishment as we build on Christ the Rock.

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