Why I don’t make New Year’s resolution

A lot of people are excited for the new year, but the excitement only lasts as long as the new year’s celebration and then reality kicks in and the excitement goes away. New year resolutions are forgotten and most people go back to living life the way it was in the old year. One of the human behaviours I have observed over the years of working with people in the ministry and also personally is that we seem to follow patterns and these patterns work in cycles. We decide to do something and in the excitement make promises and decisions which we fail to pull through once the excitement goes away. It is the same with walking with God or the sinning and asking for forgiveness cycle. Quite honestly these cycles are exhausting and it slows us down and stops us from reaching our destinies or to fully become who god has called us to be.

After several attempts at making resolutions and failing terribly to follow through i decided I wasn’t going to follow the tradition of making new year’s resolutions or promises i cannot keep anymore. I decided i was going to consistently build up a healthy relationship with God, allowing the Holy Spirit to work on me as i walked in closeness with Him. We have to come to the understanding that no matter how hard we try we cannot be what God has called us to be. It can only be achieved through total surrender and giving complete control to Jesus. It is at this place of total surrender that you are led by the spirit and God begins to speak to you and give you prophetic visions of your future and destiny. This vision then becomes the blueprint that you follow as you walk life hand in hand with Jesus. So, consistently and consciously build your relationship with Jesus, let Him give you an insight , a word , a prophetic declaration over the season that you are in or the year you are about to enter and you take that word and believe and stand on that word and enter the season with thanksgiving in your heart and as the days, weeks and months of the year unfold you will come back with testimonies that whatever God has spoken over your life has come to pass.

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