God wants you to pray specific prayers

God is a good good father who wants to bless the desires of your heart and one of the ways to know God’s will is to know that He put those desires in you; that desire for ministry, to be married, to have children, to start that business, to pursue that career path.

Most times a religious mindset stops people from living life to their fullest and pursue their God given dreams. We have become too scared to pursue desires because of the fear of being or walking outside of God’s will and plan. But what if I told you that you cannot go wrong following those desires and pursuing those dreams. That job you wanted so bad, the course you want to apply for because you can just see yourself doing it regardless of other people’s opinions and the fears and doubts in your heart.

You see, life is very simply and God desires to keep things simple too, but it is us who complicate things because of our lack of understanding and spiritual discernment. We tend to over spiritualise, over think and before you know it, the opportunity has passed, time has passed and you’ve eventually lost all hope of ever pursuing that vision.

Which is why today I’m writing this blog to encourage you to start praying specific prayers based on the vision you have in your heart and to start pursuing your passions and dreams. Enough of spiritual drama and complications and listening to countless opinions from people who hinder you from moving forward. God has created you the way you are and you’re supposed to thrive. You are not a mistake and you are exactly who you were meant to be, born in the family you were born in, even the size and shape of your nose no matter how big or small, it is specifically how God wanted you to be because you are unique and there is no one like you. Which means God also has given those specific desires for you to pursue and fulfill.

I’ve heard this prayer numerous times and I find it just absurd to be praying this prayer People often pray

“God, do whatever you wanna do with my life, I surrender! “

Now, as pious and sincere this prayer sounds, God cannot answer this prayer because you haven’t specifically told him what you want him to do and its not scriptural to pray amiss. He can do anything now, turn you into a cheesecake even (which I personally wouldn’t mind but we don’t want that do we?. But why specific prayers you may ask, here’s why:

1.God spoke specific words:

When God created the heavens and earth, He spoke and called forth things by faith specifically.  He didn’t just say “whatever has to come may exist! NO! He called forth specifically and they came into being. Likewise We who are created in the image of God can also pray and call forth specific things in our life.

Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. Genesis 1:3

2. Jesus said “Speak to the mountain”

For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. Mark 11:23

Here Jesus in teaching faith asked his disciples to pray specifically. He taught them to say exactly what and where they want that mountain to be.

Some people pray “Oh Lord if this sickness is from you, have your way with me Lord, do as you please and i’ll suffer for you.

Excuse me? do you even know what you’re saying? that is totally unscriptural. God’s will is to heal you and deliver you and you must know this. That problem hasn’t left you because you are giving it dominion over your life. Jesus asked us to speak to the mountain, command it to be gone for good, be removed and thrown into the sea where it can never bother you again. Come on, can somebody believe with me and command that mountain of an issue out of your life? Pray with me in agreement in Jesus name.

3.Speak to the mountain not about the Mountain

Now notice, the same verse Jesus didnt ask us to speak to him about the mountain, he commanded us to speak to the mountain. There is a difference.

Many of us are sharing sob stories to God when God has already given us the way out. He taught “Command that mountain to leave and if you believe it and command it specifically the way i asked you to then you will have WHATEVER YOU SAY”

Hmmmm, thats a pretty bold and heavy statement but if only you could grasp the revelation in those words!!

Jesus said “If you believe those things you said, it will be done and you will have whatever you say”

There is absolutely nowhere God asked us to pray non-specific prayers. So where did we learn to pray these really non-scriptural prayers which yield no answers? no wonder people get frustrated and tired.

Come on pray with me right now:

Father thank you for sharing your truth with me and showing me how to pray specific prayers. I ask Holy spirit to open the eyes of my understanding and faith to start praying specific prayers from today, prayers that are in line with God’s word and heart for my life, I pray in Jesus name.


I hope this blessed you and i hope to hear from you. Write to me, e-mail me and share whatever testimony that God has done in your life and if this blog has blessed you

Much love,


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