Drink from the River

Recently while driving to the city I was in conversation with God pondering over why some people have spectacular encounters during a revival or anointing service and then seem to lose that passion almost immediately! Holy Spirit dropped these words into my spirit “YOU CANT EACAPE THE RAIN BUT YOU MUST GO TO THE RIVER! Immediately it dawned on me that the Holy Spirit is like the river and rain! In a revival or anointing service the atmosphere is set for presence! It is almost impossible to miss an encounter even if someone doesn’t intend to experience one! People inevitably experience a touch of God and then go home and fail to be in that same atmosphere! It doesn’t always rain! But you must find your own source of water! Your own source of life spring! On a regular day you need to walk to the river, to tread that path toward where you meet with God and then you begin to drink from the river, dive into the river and let the River of Holy Spirit to take you wherever He may please! Don’t settle for the rain of experience but go to the river of total immersion! Dive in deep to receive strength today! Stay blesssed!

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