Don’t strive for greatness

Now, this header  may come as a surprise to some of you as I have been someone who sees the best in every person I come across, enjoy inspiring people to live life to their fullest potential and i enjoy preaching and teaching about believers being called to do great things for God.

But as i look around in this day and age there is a certain concern. Too many people want to be great and want do great things but beyond those claims there seems to be a lack of vision and understanding on how to achieve this so called “greatness” . There is so much focus on greatness but little focus on the journey that takes you there. The first thing you must understand is that it is not just faith that takes you to your destiny but also patience (Hebrews 6:12).

Some might have received amazing prophecies or had a vision that is from God and are striving to fulfil and achieve that God given dream that has been burning passionately in their hearts. Don’t get me wrong; these dreams and visions may be legitimately from God but they stay a dream as long as you don’t work toward them the way God wants you to. Simply claiming to be great or desiring will not get you to your destiny.

In the gospels we see Jesus addressing this issue of greatness numerous times. When the disciples were arguing about who was the greatest,  Jesus reminded them that the least among them would be the greatest (Luke 9:48) and Jesus had to remind them again in Matthew 20:28 that even the son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many. Even till the last minute at the last supper they were arguing about this very same issue right after a very divine moment; right after Jesus broke the bread and gave them the cup to drink they were still thinking about who would be the greatest. Even the presence of Jesus and a divine and very spiritual moment could not shift their thinking. It was not a matter of being spiritual but rather a way of thinking that Jesus was trying to address and teach them.

In the Kingdom, God’s perspective of greatness is completely different from that of the world. In the world, to be great you need to compete and beat everyone at their game, its all about being the best; but in the Kingdom Jesus was teaching a different principle! He demonstrated it by even washing the feet of His disciples. To be great you must serve, you must walk in humility , you must learn to become like a child with child like faith, you must walk in total obedience and surrender. Now, this was completely different from what they had been taught and grown up with and here was Jesus challenging the norms and creating an imbalance in the system to bring about the real balance; introducing a kingdom with completely new set of rules and principles!

Don’t miss your call trying to do great things for God when greatness is hidden in the small things, when all that matters is your heart of total surrender and obedience to the voice of the Spirit calling you to do small things which He will use to build a bigger and greater ministry or whatever it is that God has called you to do! Leave the big things to God and be faithful in the little.

Be faithful in loving big, in giving big, in sacrificing big, in obeying big, in caring and surrendering big and those will become the building blocks of the bigger plans and designs that God has for you. So i say to you, don’t strive for greatness; greatness is already in you. Focus on the little things that matter and God will bring the rest into play and surprise you as you rise above everyone’s expectations, including yours. I believe you will accomplish the purpose for which you were created! God bless you so much! God believes in you my friend.

His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’ Matthew 25:21

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