Lessons from a Bonsai

I was in the mall the other day and I came across a stall that was selling Bonsai trees. I decided to stop and take a look and ended up buying a two year old Chinese juniper that fit in a small pot. The lady who sold me the bonsai was explaining how they train the tree with wires to manipulate it into growing the shape and size they want it to grow and how the size of the pot determines the size of the tree. It reminded me of the limitations that people have allowed to be put on themselves , either by family , friends, peers, the devil or even by believing their own lies. These voices and lies are like the training wires that manipulate you and limit you. Things that suffocate and choke you from exploding into the fullness of life that God wants you to live!!

When God breathed into the nostrils of Adam, He became a living being! His spirit carried the DNA of God! He could do everything God had created him to do! God had planted his destiny inside of him and created him to be a victor and an overcomer and his destiny was to reign and rule and take dominion!

What is taking dominion over your life today? Break free from every chain, every training wire the devil has put around you to bend you and to break you! Get out of environments and relationships that limit your growth! Break free in Jesus name and begin to grow and reach for the skies in Jesus mighty name!! You are destined for greatness!

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  • Asha says:

    Its true. We do put limitations on ourselves when God wants us to break free instead of restricting ourselves. There are new Challenge for 2019. Dear Lord, help me to be even more sensitive to Your voice.

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